Season 7 of the Rebirth podcast is out [insert fanfare]. I am excited about this season because we are focusing on Educating & Elevating —which is the basis of everything that I do. I am looking at ways for us to gather together this year as part of my own intentionality and…
some sweet recommendations: kids and all the ones in my current rotation
Sit & Write is open
aligning with the elements
Wait — this is not a New Year’s Resolution post. Nope. It is not. The Golden Thread is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support…
I’ve been dancing with this book, almost put it down. It’s a mingling tale, and for anyone enchanted with herbs, you might like it for that delightful…
A conversation on everything from AI Apps to Personal SovereigntyListen now (65 min) | a converging conversation with Joe Longo
Time for a Poem: Mary OliverListen now (3 min) | The Buddha's Last Instruction
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